If you wish to make a quiet book but don’t know how to start - this little book is the answer

If you are blessed with a new baby, or expecting one soon, I have something for you.

I want you to cherish your child's first moments over and over again with this easy baby keepsake - little quiet book that is designed just for babies. 

Get sewing pattern and detailed photo tutorial that will guide you how to make own little sensory quiet book, filled with textured materials to explore.



“Thank you so much for this pattern. Your instructions are really easy to follow and I love the concept of the book. I can’t wait give it to my nephew for his 1st birthday” - Mia

4 benefits for baby

  • encourages sensory exploration
  • helping colour recognition
  • helping discover different textures
  • develops baby's sight

Why should you make it?

This is an easy project that will win the best gift title as a baby shower gift, birthday present or Christmas gift. Plus it will become baby's keepsake for life.

Who is it for?

For moms, aunts, grandmas, friends and everyone with basic sewing skills - following easy step by step tutorial with photos you can make it in a day or two.

About the baby book pattern:

  • book has 12 pages (including covers)
  • pages are soft but thick (perfect for baby fingers to grasp)
  • every page has different textures to explore
  • tutorial includes 24 pages, with photos and step by step instructions
  • you will get list of materials for each page
  • additional ideas included
  • you will learn how to make fabric pages
  • you will learn how to bind the book and make closure

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Hurry up.

You will get everything you need to make little quiet book in three downloadable files.  It is fairly easy sewing project that requires very little materials and fabric scraps you already have on hand. 

And, more importantly, if you wish to make a quiet book but don’t know how to start - this little book is the answer. 

Much easier project than quiet book and perfect way to get better concept of how to make a quiet book or how to make pages and book binding. 

You don't wanna to miss this opportunity and make perfect baby keepsake that will be cherished on and on.