Exit survival mode

Enjoy calmer house and happier kids

Arm yourself with a plan that will help you accomplish the life you want for your family.

Gain a set of skills that will allow you to raise a creative child who plays happily on his own - without the use of screens.

Become a parent you want to be.

A question that is constantly playing in your mind is: 
How to cope with a toddler and a new baby without plonking the toddler in front of the TV?

It all started innocently after you had a new baby. Because it kept your toddler busy when you were managing newborn.

With all changes that came with a new baby, you were in survival mode for a while.

Your toddler not used to share his parents, jealousy and less attention brought whole new behavioral palette.

From excessive energy, whining, being bored, to being destructive and getting into trouble constantly.

Screens became your solution to the chaos.

It’s the only way you can keep him quiet while you get baby to sleep. 
It is also the only way you can get some stuff done around the house.  Or otherwise you
couldn’t see the kitchen counters, smudges on the windows would be blocking sunlight and your feet would be stuck to the floor while moving through the house. 

Now you are letting your toddler watch TV or tablet for a couple of hours.

He constantly begs for more. When you try to stop it your child throw tantrums which can only be consoled by TV or tablet.

You know what is obvious, you need to set limits, but don’t know how to begin.

You are a bit afraid of making changes, you don’t know how it will affect your child. 

And you are not even sure if you have enough energy or strength left after all that chaos.

 Just a thought about it and you feel tightness in your chest and a knot in your stomach.

Day. After. Day.

You want to keep control of a decent amount of screen time, but don’t know what to do and from where to start.

You find it’s really hard to find screen-free activities that don’t require you doing them with your child.

But as time is passing by, you see how it is getting worse with every day. It makes you scared and worrying about how this all will end.

Changes you notice in your child are alarming.

He is moody. He doesn't listen to you. He doesn't pay attention.

The only thing he talks are the phrases or songs he has learned from the shows. And the only imaginative play is recycled plots and dialogues from the shows.

He zones out and doesn't take an interest in anything else.

His creativity vanished. You know - screen time dampens his creativity. Even worse, slowing his development.

It makes you feel you’re failing as a parent.

This is not how you want to live. 

This is not a parent you wanted to be.

But… it doesn’t have to be like that.

Not for your child. Not for yourself. Not for your family.

What if ...

What if you can replace screen-time with creative imaginative play with bringing developmental benefits for your child, opposed to screens which are slowing up development?

What if you know exactly how to handle your toddler’s requests for screen-time.

What if you have the right tools and ability to stop screen time peacefully, while your child is excited about the creative play that follows.

Better yet, what if you are able to set screen-time limits you think are the best for your toddler, limits the whole family will follow happily.

What if you have a set of skills allowing you to engage your child into solo play without the need of you entertaining him.

And finally, you know how to cope with a toddler and a new baby without plonking the toddler in front of the TV.

Imagine having things under the control, happy kids, calm you, and a clean house.

Good news!

You are not alone and you are in the right place.

Introducing a transformational program that will give you a set of skills, manageable plan, and resourceful ideas.

This is your way to the calmer house and happier kids


In this consultation program, I will walk right alongside you and help you to set screen-time limits. 

You will get my full support and I’ll walk you through the whole process so you won’t get stuck.

I will also provide you with screen-free alternatives. Meaning you will get creative activities you can set on your own, within minutes, for your child to play independently. 

Receive a customized plan of action, based on your family needs. 

This is a no-fail program. I will work with you until we get to the point where you are satisfied and confident that you can continue on your own. 

After the program is finished you’ll be able to enjoy the calmer house and happier kids that actually play using their imagination, not recycled plots from the shows.


  • We set an initial consulting session to determine where you are and whit what exactly you need help the most
  • You complete a brief online questionnaire about your child's preferences and favorite play activities
  • Once you complete the questionnaire I will create an easy to follow the plan with steps you need to implement to make wanted changes. You will also receive a set of screen-free activities that will help you engage your toddler into independent play
  • You get 1 week for implementation.
  • After one week we schedule another consultation call to see what worked and what didn't
  • I adjust your plan to maximize progress 
  • Follow up consulting call after one week
  • You get access to resources that will help you stay on a track ant to help you get other family members on board

We’ve been setting a standard and keeping to it, which has led to our son already anticipating our response and knowing that there are other options. Thank you for your guidance“ ~ Lisa

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For moms who need help with entertaining toddler or preschooler ...

... while baby naps

If you need your child to be quiet while baby naps but without you entertaining him. 

.... while getting housework done

If you want to be able to get on with jobs around the house without having to stop every 5 minutes.

... to have a little break

If you just want to rest and not do anything. Or if you desperately need to sit and enjoy your cup of coffee or tea for 20 minutes. 

Hi! I’m Lily, a creative mom of two young kids and I believe that engaging kids into creative play don’t have to be overwhelming, messy or time-consuming. I also strongly believe that your child can play independently, with your minimum input. That doesn't require you to be creative or have expensive supplies. It requires a solid strategy. You see, play is something that comes to a child naturally, and as soon we remove screens we are letting our children be what they really are - creative little humans with infinite imagination.
That’s because I’m committed to helping moms just like you to find creative alternatives for screen-time that will allow you to raise creative open-minded children. Being a Neuro-linguistic practitioner and a coach I know exactly where you need to focus your energy to make desired changes. 

Parenting shouldn't be chaos ...  it's an exciting journey where you are a hero - a parent you want to be.

What would you rather choose in order to keep your child away from screen activities: 

... Buying a new toy that will eventually end up forgotten at the bottom of the toy box,

… investing in a transformation that will allow you to raise a creative child that plays happily on his own.