Become a Resourceful Parent

Keep your kids engaged and excited about playing alone

... and once for all,

Stop jumping back and forth between entertaining your child and housework. 

You finally sneaked out to the bathroom while your child seems like he dived into coloring book not paying attention to you. You close the door and look yourself in a mirror… but not a 30 seconds passed by and you hear little footsteps. Little feet stomping, approaching faster and getting stronger like a thunder.

Bang! Bang! - he hits the door. You hear his soft voice,

“Mommy, will you play with me?”

You sigh. You can’t even go to the bathroom without him following you.

And this is probably a hundredth time today he asked you to play with him.

It’s not that you don’t play with him, just this morning you’ve built legos for an hour, went to the park and played with his favorite Paw Patrol pups for another hour.

“Mommy, you know what?”, “Mommy look at this!”, "Mommy, let’s play?", “Mommy, when are you gonna come?”, "Mommy, what ya doing?”

This is going on and on … the whole day long. While the only thing you need is:

Your child to play ALONE.

Now you feel how heat is raising all the way from your stomach, up to the chest and neck…
You see your reflection in the mirror and notice how your cheeks are turning red like someone is making bold strokes with a brush. You can feel the heat from the inside while your heart pumping faster and faster … breathe… you remind yourself while opening the door…

It doesn’t have to be like that.

What if ...

You could prepare dinner while your child is playing on his own - every night?

What if you can get enough time to do stuff around the house without your little one constantly underfoot and begging you to play with him?

What if don’t have to use the screen as a joker card that saves the day? 

What if you have a set of skills allowing you to engage your child into solo play without the need of you entertaining him.

Good news!

If you feel that the majority of your day should not be focused on playing with your child, but encouraging play and imagination,

You are not alone and you are in the right place.

Introducing your shortcut to successful you.

The Resourceful Parent is a transformational program that will give you a set of skills, a manageable plan, and resourceful ideas. 

If creativity doesn’t come naturally to you, if you have no time to prepare activities or you just don’t wanna spend money on things that will be used only once, this program is for you.

It will help you:

  •  to get your child to enjoy and dive into independent play while you get your stuff done around the house,
  • to stop using TV or tablet as a distraction
  • to save you the time of searching an overwhelming amount of activities on Pinterest,
  • to connect better with your child, and create wonderful memories

"I was really stressed when I realized I don't like how I spend the days with my kids. None of us had truly fulfilled days to remember. I found ideas for activities on Pinterest but it didn’t actually help because I couldn’t stick to it.  This program is priceless, gave my life sense and control of how do I entertain my kids with minimal involvement in their play." -Janice 

Become a Resourceful Parent you always wanted to be!

Sign up for the program now and use the special introductory price.


In this consultation program, I will walk right alongside you and make sure you succeed.

I will also provide you with screen-free alternatives. Meaning you will get creative activities you can set on your own, within minutes without fancy or expensive supplies, for your child to play independently. 

You will receive a customized plan of action, based on your family needs. 

This is a no-fail program. I will work with you until we get to the point where you are satisfied and confident that you can continue on your own. 

After the program is finished you’ll be able to enjoy some free time while kids that actually play using their imagination, not recycled plots from the shows.


  • 3 one hour consultation sessions
  • 1st consulting session is where you will be heard, identifying your current situation and your goal,
  • A personalized plan for you that fits your family and to get you where you want to be is a part of the 2nd session
  • Together we’ll create manageable steps on how to implement changes
  • You will get my full support and I’ll walk you through the whole process so you won’t get stuck.
  • Follow up and adjustments if needed in the 3rd session
  • Aditional resources to keep you going after program finishes: Detailed list of kids activities ( supplies and instructions included),  List of 50 outdoor family activities, Quality time and bonding time ideas, Household tasks even young children can participate

    We’ve been setting a standard and keeping to it, which has led to our son already anticipating our response and knowing that there are other options. Thank you for your guidance“ ~ Lisa

    Sign up for the program now and use the special introductory price.

    Are you ready to get some free time for things you need to do without your child underfoot?

    Become a Resourceful Parent you always wanted to be!

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    For moms who need help with entertaining toddler or preschooler ...

    ... while baby naps

    If you need your child to be quiet while baby naps but without you entertaining him. 

    .... while getting housework done

    If you want to be able to get on with jobs around the house without having to stop every 5 minutes.

    ... to have a little break

    If you just want to rest and not do anything. Or if you desperately need to sit and enjoy your cup of coffee or tea for 20 minutes. 

    Or if you are a parent who thinks it’s really hard to find screen-free activities that don’t require you doing them with your child. 

    What happens after you enrol the program?

    Right after the purchase, you will get a confirmation email. After that, you will get another email, where you'll be contacted personally by me within 24 hours to set up an initial consultation session that fits your schedule.

    From there we'll set things as we go together.

    If you still have questions prior purchase, please contact me via email: lily{at}

    When you purchase this program, you are fully protected by our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

    If after the first consultation session you realize this program isn't all that you expected and as useful as you hoped you'll be refunded. Just let me know within the first 24 hours after the first session and I'll fully refund the entire purchase price. 

    Hi! I’m Lily, a creative mom of two young kids and artist. I believe that engaging kids into creative play don’t have to be overwhelming, messy or time-consuming. I also strongly believe that your child can play independently, with your minimum input. That doesn't require you to be creative or have expensive supplies. It requires a solid strategy. You see, play is something that comes to a child naturally, and as soon we remove screens we are letting our children be what they really are - creative little humans with infinite imagination.
    That’s because I’m committed to helping moms just like you to find creative alternatives for screen-time that will allow you to raise creative open-minded children. Being a Neuro-linguistic practitioner and a coach I know exactly where you need to focus your energy to make desired changes. 

    Parenting shouldn't be chaos ...  it's an exciting journey where you are a hero - a resourceful parent you want to be.

    Would you rather buy a new toy for your child to keep him entertained, or would you invest in a transformation that will help you become resourceful in raising a creative child who is using his imagination?