How to make a quiet book

The easy-to-follow guide walks you step-by-step through the process, helping you make the quiet book you want make for your child.

You’ve been collecting ideas on Pinterest and watching YouTube videos on about quiet books for TOO long.

But still, you are trying to gather enough confidence to start.

Although you do a little bit of sewing, crocheting, knitting or quilting, this projects seems too complicated. 

You easily get overwhelmed and lose track of how it is done.

You haven’t started yet because you don’t know how to start. 

With chunks of information thrown on the internet here and there, no wonder you are missing important pieces.

Pssst ... here is the thing: 

Now is the time to learn how to make a quiet book.

Because you know how fast they are growing up and you want them to have homemade memorabilia from grandma.

But you make a special gift for your grandchild.

What if ...

You have tools and skills to confidently make a quiet book on your own?

You can stop saving Pins that you are never gonna be back to.

You know how to make a toy that resonates with your child that is encouraging his imagination and creativity.

You can create engaging activities for your child to help him learn and practice valuable skills on an old fashioned way without the use of electronics.

You get inspired and actually finish this project, right on time for your child’s next birthday or special occasion? 

Good news:

Now you can.

Introducing step by step e-guide How to make a quiet book 

with 7 easy steps from start to finish

Making a quiet book will be completely demystified for you as you follow detailed instructions from this guide.

 Process is broken up into small bite sized chunks doable for beginners.

Detailed instructions and photos will make it easy even if you are an average sewer.

You will learn how to make fabric pages and how to put them together into ring binder cover pages, also made out of fabric. 

Ring binder that you will learn how to make here will allow you to add more pages in the future as your child grows and/or charge interest.

You will get access to ALL information and printable patterns you need in one single place.

Clear instructions and list of materials will make it easy for you to start and finish this project.

Finally, you will stop being overwhelmed with the process and be able to enjoy making this special thing for your grandchild.

"You are amazing! I’m soooooooooo happy to read all this useful information in one place <3. Thank you so much.”-Alaa-

"Thank you so much for your tips. They are really helpful and I’ll follow them for my next quiet book. I’ve already finished one, by getting ideas from the web, and I think it would have been easier and faster with your tips..”-Lorena-

This e-guide includes:

    • simple steps that will guide you from how to start to how to put pages together 
    • a worksheet that will help you to plan your book 
    • detailed instructions on how to make reinforced fabric quiet book pages
    • detailed instructions with color photos on how to make 2-ring binder covers 
    • printable PDF sewing patterns for activities with instructions, photo tutorial, and material list you need 

Included activity sewing patterns:

    • lacing football ball
    • button off wheels on a school bus
    • brushing teeth cow
    • 4 piece puzzle car 
    • horse or unicorn braiding activity 
    • zipper whale activity
    • alphabet letter appliqués for making “My quiet book” title or custom cover page with your child’s name

"I have been searching Pinterest for ideas for a quiet book to make for my 15 month old granddaughter (my first!). I love the idea of having this information all in one place, because it quickly got overwhelming. I was especially pleased to see the worksheet because it suddenly seemed do-able! I am a hand stitcher, and love to do hand embroidery and crochet. I’m hoping I can apply my hand stitching skills to creating a special  gift for the little one.”-Anne-

Start making your quiet book today

"I made 2, for my niece and nephew. He will be four and she just turned one. I really enjoyed making these, had so many ideas too."-Ida-

Limited time only !

You’ve got questions… I’ve got answers!

How do I get my copy of How to make a quiet book e-guide?
Right after purchase, you'll receive an email where you can access two downloadable files (one is PDF step by step guide and the other is PDF file with sewing patterns) and you can get started right away!

How long does it take to make a quiet book?
Depends on how much time you can set aside, but in general about a week to two if you are consistent.

What sewing techniques will I need to know?

Very basic sewing techniques and sewing machine are enough to finish this project.

What materials will I need to make a quiet book?

You will need fabric or felt for quiet book pages and cover. For activities on pages, you can use felt or fabric scraps, ribbons, velcro, buttons, etc… If you are already doing some sewing or craft projects than mainly you already have everything. But you don’t have to worry, each activity from guide has listed materials you need to gather before you start. 

Can I find this information on the internet?  I don’t feel it is necessary to spend money on something I feel I can get info on for free.

You could probably find similar information on the internet if you are dedicated to spending time searching. This guide is created for your convenience, with all step by step instructions for making pages, covers, and patterns designed by me personally. Instead of researching, you can start your quiet book right now with this guide. 

But, I have many projects to finish first.
That’s not a problem. Once you purchase the guide you have unlimited lifetime access to download your copy. Besides, instructions from the guide are broken up into small chunks and I added a time frame necessary for each step so you can fit it into your schedule. 

What is the size of this quiet book?

If you follow the guide instructions, size of activity pages are 9x9 inches and with covers finished book measures approximately 10x10 inches.

Have more questions?

Not a problem! Send me an email (lily[at] and I'll be glad to help.

When you purchase this e-guide, you are fully protected by our 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If this e-book isn't all that you expected and as useful as you hoped, just let me know.

Contact me within the first 10 days after purchase, and I'll fully refund the entire purchase price. No questions asked.

About Author

I’m Lily, creative mom of two young kids and with more than 4 years of experience in designing and sewing quiet books.  I’m committed to help women just like you to plan more creative play in their everyday lives, create more learning activities, and make beautiful memories on this exciting journey of raising creative open-minded children. 
My quiet books promote learning through play activities for babies and young kids and are especially valuable for kids with learning disabilities. I was honoured that one of my quiet books is used as part of ABA therapy (Applied Behavior Analysis) with kids with psychological disorders.

While your child is growing up so fast ...

how much more of your precious time 

will you spend on searching for more ideas and courage?