Start making  a quiet book right NOW with materials you already have on hand. 

This guide is ideal for you if:

  • you don’t know how or where to start
  • you feel overwhelmed with ideas
  • you think you don’t have enough time 
  • you feel like you don’t have needed skills
  • you have trouble finding sewing patterns
  • you don’t know what materials you need 

I believe everyone with basic sewing skills can make a beautiful quiet book.

Imagine yourself giving a beautiful handcrafted keepsake you made with love, that will be played on and on.

Imagine quiet book you made is passed on for generations.

With this guide you will know exactly what to do and get confidence to make your quiet book from start to finish.

Hi there. I’m Lily (in case we haven’t met before). I’m a mom of two little sunshines who inspire me in every aspect of my life. I’m also a woman of action.


I have admission to make. I had no clue how to make my first quiet book. So I did same as you. 
I Google it, I searched Pinterest on and on. I scrolled ideas till my fingertips become store and eyes stoped blinking. I saved tons of page ideas. I saved tons of photos, some interesting patterns and a few tutorials. But I still didn’t understand how to actually start making a quiet book. 

Are you finding yourself in the same boat?

If so, rest assured that making a quiet book will be completely demystified for you as you follow steps from this guide.

Steps are so easy to follow and anyone can do it. 

All you need are basic sewing skills, time and patience. 

Got that?


What will you get with this guide

  • simple steps that will guide you from how to start to how to bind book
  • detailed instructions how to make fabric quiet book pages
  • detailed instructions how to make 2-ring binder covers
  • printable PDF patterns with instructions and material list you need to complete first two pages
  • exclusive 50% discount on all my quiet book sewing patterns

 I was so tired seeing so many talented and creative women who wish to sew quiet book for their children but are so overwhelmed with ideas and are not finding a way to begin this project.  
If you are here, means you are one of those talented women.

 I’we broken up process into bite-sized chunks to make it doable for you. After you finish with this guide you will not be overwhelmed any more. You will be proud of yourself how you accomplished this DIY project for your child and gave gift with love, keepsake that will be passed on generations. 

Stop wasting your precious time searching for more ideas and courage, get How to make a quiet book guide and start doing it now!


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